Rewarding your customers

Customer reward schemes are extremely effective when delivered properly. We aim to provide customer-centric schemes for any budget, designed to improve sales and increase loyalty.

Here are just some of the areas that Love2shop Business Services specialise in, from setting up a Sales Promotion scheme to initiating a Customer Retention program within your organisation.


Get your customer acquisition scheme right and you’ll easily connect with your target market.

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Choosing an incentive which is highly desirable to your customers is key to making your scheme a success.

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Retain your best customers by recognising and rewarding their loyalty. Make them feel valued.

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Use gift cards and vouchers as the reward mechanism for your sales promotion schemes to see sales soar.

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Never neglect current customers to win new business. Retaining existing relationships is vital.

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Market Research

Incentivising research studies will increase the number of respondents willing to participate.

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Channel Incentives

Using incentives through each area of the channel marketing process will help to increase revenue.

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Refer a Friend

Rewarding clients for introducing potential customers is a cost effective acquisition tool.

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